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OMD Dystro Ope-net 2018

Tournois - annonces
mardi 19 décembre 2017, par Georges Vasquez

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L’OMD (Organization of muscular dystrophy), l’équivalent de l’AFM en République Slovaque, organise son 9ème tournoi du 16.1. au 18.3.2018.
Réservé aux joueurs atteints de maladies neuro-musculaires, ce tournoi est également ouvert à tout type de handicap. Tout se passe par Internet, l’inscription (gratuite), les appariements et les parties sur
Date limite des inscriptions  : 8.1.2018
Toutes les infos sur le site de l’association :

Dear friends of chess game,
I am pleased to inform you about the internet chess tournament OMD Dystro Ope-net 2018.
The tournament is primary intended for people with muscular dystrophy or other neuro-muscular diseases, but every chess-player with any disability is welcome to take part in it.
This year the 9th annual will come through. The organizer, Organization of muscular dystrophy in Slovak republic (OMD in SR), enlarged the tournament abroad starting from 6th annual.
We hope you will find the idea of the tournament - designed especially for disabled people - interesting, you will join the tournament or spread the information about it among disabled chess-players. We would like to make the chess tournament accessible for the players that have – regarding to their extensive disability – limited opportunities to take part in the common chess tournaments.
Due to Communication portal of the tournament it is easy to contact your opponent even if you don´t speak the same language. We prepared the tournament proposal and rules in Slovak and English.
You will find all necessary information about the tournament at the web page :
The tournament begins on 16.1.2018 and last till 18.3.2018, 9 weeks in 9 rounds.
The registration process will start on December 18st 2017 and registration will be avaiable till January 8th 2018.
Don´t hesitate to contact us if there´s anything unclear about the tournament for you.
Best regards,
Mgr. Ondrej Bastak Duran
chief-arbiter of the tournament
Mgr. Andrea Madunová
Chairwoman of OMD v SR

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